Building Management Systems (BMS)

Building Management Systems (BMS) 

At ControlWorks we create Building Management Systems (BMS), otherwise known as Building Automation Systems (BAS) that can automate, control, and monitor your the building's mechanical and electrical equipment such as ventilation, lighting, power, and security systems.

Depending on specific application and configuration, a BMS may be known as a:

  • Building Management and Control System (BMCS)
  • Building Energy Management System (BEMS).

A BMS solution can be designed for new buildings or we can design a retrofit solution.

The ControlWorks BMS Solution is based on the open protocol Niagara Framework.  Niagara Framework is a comprehensive software infrastructure that addresses the challenges of creating device-to-enterprise applications. It serves as a central console for connecting real-time operational data to the people and systems that manage workflows in smart buildings, data centers, industrial processes, smart cities, and other aspects of business enterprises.

Benefits of ControlWorks BMS System:

  • A BMS enables early identification of equipment failure. Buildings can become less efficient as operational patterns change and equipment performance declines. A BMS can implement diagnostics for most HVAC components and detect when a component is starting to fail. Operators can be alerted to commence preventative maintenance.
  • A BMS allows real-time monitoring and optimisation of occupant comfort. It accounts for factors such as temperature and air quality. It can also provide notification and rectification of faults before comfort is diminished.
  • Your project will adhere to all safety, quality, and environmental standards.

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