Building Management Systems (BMS)

  • Building Management Systems
  • Your Building Management System (BMS System) is an intelligent hub that monitors and controls your building’s entire network of technical systems and services. 



Building Management Systems (BMS) 

ControlWorks is the market-leading BMS provider across Australia and New Zealand. Our team can design the system through to deployment, and monitor and maintain the BMS environment into the future.

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The Benefits of a Good BMS System 

A modern BMS System will benefit your business in several key ways:

  • The graphical user interface (GUI) makes it easier to see at a glance, the entire network environment, and make quick adjustments as necessary. Furthermore, the simplicity of the GUI means that training new people on how to manage the system becomes much easier.
  • Historical data is enormously useful to track trends and make long-term adjustments to the system to ensure efficiency and the comfort of those in the building.
  • The ability to produce data reports is critical for demonstrating that the building is meeting sustainability and other key targets, helping the facility remain compliant, and addressing tenant concerns with the management of the building.
  • Faults can be detected and addressed more quickly due to alarm features and the instant highlighting of anomalies. Keeping downtime to a minimum is a critical challenge with something as pivotal as the HVAC system, and the BMS System is critical in that role.
    Partnering with ControlWorks, you gain a system that is not only easy to manage and operate but adds value across your entire business


Who needs a BMS System?

ControlWorks has helped the strata managers of small apartment buildings, right through to large campus environments for enterprise and government. Every building needs environmental controls, management, and reporting, and therefore benefits from having a high-quality system installed.

Why ControlWorks?

For over twenty years, ControlWorks has been a leader in the HVAC market, and our strength lies in the collaborative approach we take to the work we do. No two buildings are the same, and that in turn means that the BMS System needs to be tailored to each customer. Our team works closely to understand the needs and challenges of each customer, and from there develops a system that ensures the building runs at optimal levels at all times.
We focus on simplicity. Our software management solutions can be learned quickly, and the management and monitoring of the environment are consolidated into a single piece of software. We also only work with leading, proven brands to ensure that the HVAC environment will operate long-term with minimal management.
We also respond quickly to our customer needs, with ongoing engagement that doesn’t stop once the BMS System is installed. ControlWorks’ point of difference is that we see ourselves as a true partner to your business.

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