Sustainable energy management system that works for you

  • Sustainable Energy Management System
  • Social and regulatory pressure around sustainability means that having a sustainable energy management system is essential for modern buildings. 

More than simply meeting your regulatory requirements and being a good global citizen, however, the benefit of a leading sustainable energy management system is that it pays for itself – with the price of electricity, gas, and water set to continue to escalate, energy efficiency is a major way to save money on a building or facility. The comfort of people living or working in a building is paramount – both from a morale and health and safety perspective – but a typical HVAC system accounts for approximately 40 percent of total building energy consumption. That’s more than the lighting, the equipment the lifts, or any other single power consumer across the building. Finding a quality and proven sustainable energy management system, can result in very meaningful savings.


ControlWorks has a sustainable energy management system for all buildings

At ControlWorks, we have a long history of assisting our customers with deploying energy efficiency solutions for their buildings. From a small apartment block right up to the largest campus environments, we have a sustainable energy management system that is versatile, scalable, and capable of identifying opportunities for efficiencies within all HVAC systems.

The ControlWorks system collects data from multiple sources to identify trends, profiles and generate building performance reports. The data that we collect and report on will provide at-a-glance information and instantly actionable insights, meaning that you’ll be able to start delivering energy efficiency immediately.

Beyond delivering better efficiencies, our system can also be invaluable in the monitoring and maintenance of your HVAC environment. Our solution can identify any alarms, issues, or abnormalities quickly, allowing you to maintain a constant environment for all your tenants, and quickly address faults before they become a problem.

Finally, for long-term management and insights, our sustainable energy management system facilitates the creation of a central repository that collates, normalizes, validates, and stores data from a number of systems, allowing you to observe and act on long-term trends.


Our services go well beyond installation

One of the value-adds that ControlWorks offers is our ability to provide strategic guidance to help you achieve your management and operational goals. For example, we can work with you to design and create the mandatory reporting for NABERS and Green Star ongoing compliance.

We also promote energy management best practices and reinforce good energy management behavior, and regularly work with our clients to audit their environments and find new opportunities for greater efficiencies.

Furthermore, we do more than simply install a sustainable energy management system. We also provide tools that allow building managers and owners to quickly and easily create usable reports and trends analyzing the building performance, diagnose problems and monitor corrective actions.

ControlWorks is a true systems integrator for your building management system (BMS), and at all times we look for opportunities to leverage our experience and expertise to add value to your engagement with us. We consider ourselves a genuine arm to our client's businesses and aim to support each client over the long term with deep insights and ongoing innovation.


A true partner to your business

In the HVAC space, so many companies are transactional in nature. Our goal is to help each of our customers meet and exceed their goals, particularly with something as critically important as their sustainability. We do that with a combination of proactive support, market-leading advice, and an uncompromising eye for detail and quality.

Regardless of the size of the building you manage, if it has an HVAC system, there is room to find efficiencies, and the opportunity for better reporting to deliver long-term savings. Contact us today for more information or a demo of how our sustainable energy management system can benefit you.


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