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The modern demands of computing, with servers, cloud applications, and IoT devices are putting more and more pressure on data centres, causing large thermal heat loads. The HVAC and building design are critical in preventing data centres from overheating. To protect such a critical part of business infrastructure, you need an excellent data centre building management system, and that’s where ControlWorks comes in.


Experts in deploying a Data Centre Building Management System

The phenomenal growth of the internet has fuelled a boom in the development of large data centres, along with the upgrading of existing ones to cope with the increased density.

As all aspects of business and our day-to-day lives become more and more dependent on web services and computer processing, ensuring that data centres operate reliably and efficiently has become even more important. ControlWorks works with leading data centres across Australia and New Zealand to design, install and maintain their critical environments. 

We work with leading equipment partners to design and create a reliable and robust data centre building management system that has been specifically designed to assist in the management and efficiency of the data centre environment.


Why ControlWorks BMS Solutions are ideal for Data Centre environments

We view each of our customers as a partner to work with for the long term. As such, when you come to ControlWorks, you can expect not only expert advice on how to optimise the efficiency of your BMS system, but also deep insights drawn from many years of participation in the data centre building management system environment.

We also provide tools that allow building managers and owners to quickly and easily create usable reports and trends analyzing the building performance, diagnose problems and monitor corrective actions. All of this comes together to make ControlWorks a true systems integrator.


A True Partner to Your Business

Regardless of the size of the data center that you manage, it’s a critical asset that you can’t risk. The BMS system will play an integral role in the health and longevity of the data center. 

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