Are you looking for an easy, cost saving, energy saving, environmental friendly and revolutionary Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS)? Look no further. EasyIO is your solution.

EasyIO controllers are network centric and high performance Input/Output controllers, supporting multiple protocols. They are also able to accommodate general and specific applications, featuring Bacnet IP, Bacnet Ethernet, Bacnet MSTP, Modbus TCP/IP protocols and also feature a built-in web server for easy configuration.

Key benefits include:

  • High energy savings,
  • Easy integration into a new or existing BEMS,
  • Easy maintenance,
  • Wireless possibilities,
  • Less devices and software,
  • Lower costs, for system integrators as well as building owners.

These EasyIO BEMS controllers give you the possibility to engineer the building energy management system you need: reliable, flexible, easy to install, manage and maintain.

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