TOSIBOX® is a globally functioning operational technology (OT) networking platform for enterprises and organizations, delivering limitless possibilities to expand and power their businesses opportunities and growth. Tosibox was born from the idea that secure remote access doesn’t have to be complicated, expensive or time-consuming.

Hundreds of thousands of OT networks are secured and powered by TOSIBOX® across the globe, and over 100s of million sensors, machines, assets, devices, and their users are connected via our OT networking platform and supported with our services.

Tosibox has automated secure connectivity and made it simple. It is a standardized way of building VPN connections based on a patented connection method. The configuration-free Plug & Go™ implementation is easy to carry out even without special IT skills. The unique feature of TOSIBOX® technology is the two-way connectivity that brings the benefits of IP networking plus remote maintenance with one technology.

The game-changing solution consists of globally patented point-to-point data flow between ends allowing for a secure connection and associated marriage between two modules. The communication is end-to-end encrypted and not decrypted at any point along the way. A third-party cloud service is not included, but you can choose your own cloud or server, wherever you want.

Companies can collect data from their devices and then remotely connect back to perform service based on the analyzed data. This then allows for the use of standard OEM software available to configure, update and adjust on the edge for optimized applications.

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