North Shore Health Hub

  • Building type: Health Centre
  • Product supplied: BMS System
  • ControlWorks recently partnered with Austral Airconditioning to design, install and commission a centralised Building Management Control System utilizing Distech Controls Niagara 4 web-based graphical user interface and iSMA I/O controllers, to collate tenant Chilled Water and Heating Water energy throughout the North Shore Health Hub.

BMCS System for North Shore Health Hub

The centralised BMCS monitors and controls key air conditioning parameters throughout the building such as carpark CO gas levels, temperature, humidity and CO2 levels within the tenanted spaces. The building’s Chilled and Heating water central HVAC plant is automatically adjusted to efficiently match the cooling / heating demand within the building, to ensure that tenant comfort and energy efficiency are managed hand-in-hand.

The HVAC plant is time-scheduled around building occupancy requirements, to deliver further energy efficiencies by reducing run time of the equipment. The Building Management Control System underpins the billing of tenants for their individual Chilled and Heating water in addition to electrical energy usage.

The North Shore Health Hub is a mixed-use medical facility owned by the Dexus Healthcare Property Fund. Located immediately adjacent to the Royal North Shore Hospital and the North Shore Private Hospital, the Hub connects to Ramsay Health Care’s Day surgery via a bridge link, allowing the integration of healthcare services across the two facilities.

Offering 16,000 square metres, the building will be occupied by a diverse mix of health care providers including a day surgery facility, medical centre, medical imaging, pathology, cancer treatment and medical consulting.

A number of leading healthcare operators have secured leases at the premises, including Ramsay Health Care, GenesisCare, North Shore Radiology and Nuclear Medicine, Douglass Hanly Moir Pathology and Rockwell GP.


ControlWorks solution - Building Management Control System

Roberts Co was appointed by Dexus to construct the North Shore Health Hub, and Austral Airconditioning to manage and install the HVAC systems. ControlWorks worked with Austral Airconditioning to engineer and install a Distech Controls Niagara 4 web-based BMCS graphical user interface and iSMA I/O controllers, to collate tenant Chilled Water and Heating Water energy throughout the building.

The system provides chilled, hot and condenser water to tenants throughout the North Shore Health Hub, with an energy monitoring solution that allows for tenant billing according to their water and electrical energy consumption. This data is collated and supplied to Dexus, so it can accurately bill tenants for their usage.

Distech Controls’ flexible Niagara N4 Supervisor and Graphics system provides a web-based, graphical user interface. This allows monitoring and control via a web browser running on any computer connected to the Dexus IT network. Several of the building's larger tenants, such as Ramsay Health, also have access to the system.

The solution also incorporates the CopperTree analytics package, which provides fault detection. CopperTree is a comprehensive AI building analytics solution, consisting of an Energy Information System (EIS) and a Fault Detection and Diagnostics (FDD) platform with integrated system performance auditing.


BMS outcomes for North Shore health Hub 

ControlWorks' Distech Niagara solution offers a password-protected, easy-to-use interface that allows facilities management to operate and manage the system with minimal training or reliance on the vendor. Relevant information can also be easily shared with different stakeholders in an easy-to-read format.

Rather than overwhelm users with data, the system is designed to display alarms and exceptions which indicate an issue of concern. The CopperTree analytics package includes fault detection algorithms that highlight where key benchmarks are not being met and display this in an easily useable format for key building service personal and facilities managers.

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