Support Solutions

  • Support to optimise the performance and reliability of your BMS Systems
  • ControlWorks Support Solutions provide on-site expert support to optimise the performance and reliability of your HVAC and Building Management equipment.

Maintenance has a direct bearing on the performance of your building systems, impacting efficiency and profitability over the building lifecycle. When you install a new system – be it HVAC, lighting, air quality, energy management, or other building systems – how it is maintained through the warranty period and beyond is vital to its overall working order.

At Controlworks we un-complicate system maintenance and ensure a seamless transition through your system’s warranty period and beyond.

Our qualified team of support technicians are strategically placed across NSW, Victoria, and Queensland to meet your needs. We create a maintenance service program to suit your building requirements. The main benefits of regular servicing are to ensure your building is running at optimal levels, maintain a sustainable footprint, and lower your building operating costs.

Our Solutions Include

Scheduled Maintenance Plan

  • Scheduled maintenance ensuring optimum installation and performance during your warranty period
  • Complimentary annual assessment report
  • Remote support and on-site attendance 24 hours, 365 days a year
  • Condition monitoring including trend reporting
  • Customised training options for your in-house staff
  • Energy efficiency audit
  • Asset management audit
  • Dedicated Business Support Manager and Support Technician 
  • Customised site visits
  • Fully trained technical team for each site visit
  • On-call service (remote dial-in or on-site attendance)
  • Essential systems checks and tuning
  • Plant control performance checks
  • Compliance with ASHRAE Standard 180-2008
  • Repair and/or replace on condition
  • Detailed Site Report after each monthly visit
  • Complimentary half-yearly assessment

Casual Maintenance Agreement

  • Fully trained technical team for each site visit
  • On-call service (remote dial-in or on-site attendance)
  • Detailed call reports 
  • Experienced team of support technicians to assist with any issues 

24/7 technical support & onsite visits

We offer 24/7 technical support and onsite visits.

Call 1800 329 056 

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To request a quote please contact us on 1800 329 056 or email for technical advice or support. 

Training Available

We provide training sessions facilitated by our in-house technical experts and our suppliers. Our commitment is to provide you and your team with practical, engaging and relevant product knowledge with the opportunity to get up-close to product demos and ask questions.

Contact us for more info.

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